Terms & Conditions

If you want to make new website or design your existing website, we are here to help you. When you want to connect with us you must understand the following terms
and condition:

1. Before starting the project, you must paid us 70% amount of total cost then after 3 days we will provide you a demo template.
2. While paying 70% amount you must confirm all subject of your project.
3. The website source code, graphics and programming remains the Binwary property even if we get the full payment.
4. After completion of project, Binwary will be connected to you to help solve any problem in your products. Any custom changes will be charged according to the
charge sheet.
5. After completion of full project, you must pay 100% amount in order to see your project live. Without full payment we are unable to make your project live on
the internet.
6. Client order is only taken when client will visit the office and pay the advance.
7. If you cancel your project, we are only able to refund 20% of your advance payment.

Project Duration

The client must agree to respond to the developer after receiving status notification from the developer of Binwary. The client will be provided 30 days to respond to each set of responses submitted to for the review. If after 30 days the client has failed to respond, then Binwary will deem the project completely. At such situation, Binwary will have no further obligation to the client and the client must pay the company all fees and expenses associated with the work performed by the Binwary.
Last Updated 2017-12-7

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